Preparing for your Family Photoshoot

A few simple ideas for you and your family to make before the shoot.
What will I wear?
It’s all about fun and creating amazing memories for you and your family, so don’t get too caught up worrying what to wear. Just be casual but dressy and we will have a real relaxed vibe to the whole time we have together. This way everyone will be comfortable and happy. Think nice jeans and T-shirt or casual trousers and even a nice Dress for the girls but as long as you are all comfortable. You must consider the weather as well as Here in Northern I Ireland we seem to have Four Seasons in one Day. 
Make sure everyone is fed.
If you are like me when you have food in the stomach, it makes us all happy doesn’t it? I think we are all that much more happier after being fed and we can work around a time that suits you and the family.
Just be Yourself.
This is a short time to have everyone together and we will all have fun and the banter. You will get these memories in High Quality images that you can then get printed and made into beautiful Wall Art. All you have to do, is just be yourself. Leave the rest to me. 
Just remember this is a very short session but we are capturing memories that you will have forever. It is always an amazing investment for you and the Family.
If you have any questions about anything at all, feel free to send me over a message and I will gladly help you.

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"It's always nice to have the beauty of our wee country in our homes. Kevin's photos remind you what a beautiful country we live in."

Margaret Agnewn